Typewriter Repair

Did you find a typewriter that you'd like to use but needs some attention?

Did Grandma Ruth or Great-Uncle Fred leave you a machine and you'd like to get it back in working order?

Yes! I can help with that! I have been collecting and repairing typewriters and have the experience needed to get your typewriter working again! For repairs and other types of service, contact us today to make arrangements to bring your machine by. It is very difficult to provide an estimate without physically seeing your typewriter.

All machines go through a 35-point inspection including cleaning and adjustment.

There is a charge of $20+HST for an initial examination to provide an estimate. This is to cover the time required to physically inspect your typewriter, which may necessitate partial disassembly and light cleaning. You will be called with an estimate and work will not proceed until you have accepted the quoted price.

Labour is charged at $60.00/hr+HST with a minimum charge of 1 hour of labour per machine, as it takes at least this long to perform basic work. Regular service can take a few days, but can take significantly longer if parts are needed.

I am located in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada, so can accept drop offs or shipped machines only where prior arrangements have been made.

Note: At the moment, I cannot service IBM Selectrics and other electrics, but can service most manuals produced between 1900-1970.